Five years ago...

a trip to the shores of Lake Champlain and time with creative women exploring nature and art was all it took. We shared our craft, and I was fascinated by the immense possibilities of coptic stitch binding. 


Books have always been my passion, and the process of making them gave it a new dimension. Now I am a book maker, a writer, and a reader. A storyteller.

 And the idea of sharing this joy with others has finally brought me here…





My connection to nature dictates not only my approach to life but also to art as an extension of life.

Each piece is inspired by textures and color, found objects, old fabrics, words and images, stones, wood, and nature. The composition is organic and leads me to new ways to read items which seemingly lost their purpose or function, giving them a continuum and realizing my own.

The act of creating custom made journals is a unique experience which often involves bringing the past to the present and projecting it into the future. I listen attentively to the stories of the items I am given to create with- the intention behind the journal or book, who commissions it, who will enjoy it. And, I am on the receiving end of that gift as well- fulfilled by its making and the enjoyment witnessed in both the giver and the receiver.

Life is good.